Monday, July 31, 2006

Close Communion Still an Issue

Ok, clear question:

Do we in the LCMS still uphold the historic and traditional understanding of close/closed communion? Offically our documents say yes. But what of our practice? It is not in this editor's opinion, a witness with integrity to say we believe one thing and obviously practice or tolerate / ignore the practice to the contrary.

Are we going to be Synod and walk together because we agree in common confession or are we walking together with a blind eye or a wink and a nod because what we have in common is our Concordia Health Plan, our educational system, our Pastors have their pension plan, and we have the crown jewel of the purple palace?

Southern Illinois has recognized the problem with this overture to the upcoming Synodical Convention.

"that the Southern Illinois District in Convention (2006) memorialize the Lutheran
Church-Missouri Synod to direct her District Presidents to initiate a visitation of
every congregation and pastor in their respective Districts: 1) to determine
whether those congregations and pastors are administering the Sacrament of
Communion according to our synodically approved teaching on Closed
Communion, which is founded on the Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions;
2) to guide, exhort and teach so that the practice and administration of the
Sacrament of the Altar in our congregations be brought into harmony with our
historic teachings & Confessions; and 3) where there is persistent
disagreement and unwillingness to teach and practice in harmony with our
synodical teachings and confession to correct, exhort and rebuke so that souls
may be strengthened, sins forgiven and faith abound. (Note: The District
President always has the right to direct his vice-Presidents and Circuit
Counselors to assist him in the endeavor)."

(You can read the overture and all their overtures here:


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