Sunday, July 30, 2006

Texas District calls for addition to Lutheran Confessions

RESOLUTION A-03-06 Referred to the CTCR

OVERTURE 03-02-06


RESOLVED, that Overture 03-02-06 be referred to the Commission on Theology and Church Relations for further consideration.

From the overture:

WHEREAS, Lutherans in the 21st Century are often finding themselves in disagreement over many teachings and aspects of what it means to be "Lutheran" (such as authority of the Scriptures, office of public ministry, fellowship, etc.), resulting in a variety of doctrines and practices...RESOLVED, that the Texas District of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, gathered in convention, memorialize the 63rd Convention of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod to call for the preparation of an "Addendum" to the Formula of Concord of 1580; and, be it further

RESOLVED, that this "Addendum" to the Formula of Concord of 1580 seek to address the additional questions of doctrine and practice that currently divide the Evangelical Lutheran Church such as (but not limited to):

* To what extent are the Scriptures authoritative and efficacious regarding the faith and life of God's people?
* What is meant by "pure teaching of the gospel and the administration of the sacraments in harmony with the gospel of Christ" (Apology, VI & VII, 5)?
* What is the role of God's people in terms of the ministry of the gospel as preachers, teachers, and the priesthood of all believers (and subsequent questions such as the ordination of women, auxiliary offices, etc.)?
* What are the biblical definitions of marriage and family, and what do those definitions teach regarding such things as divorce, homosexuality, abortion, etc.?
* What is meant by the church universal, the mutual consolation of the saints, and fellowship among Lutherans, fellowship among Christians, and relationships of people of other religions?

RESOLVED, that the Synodical Convention call upon the Presidium of Synod, in consultation with the faculties of the Seminaries of Synod, to appoint a select group of theologians to begin the initial development of a draft formula addendum; and be it further

RESOLVED, that each District of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod appoint two pastors, two commissioned ministers of the gospel, four lay members, and (where applicable) two members of the faculty of any higher educational institution located within the district, to be a part of a Synod-wide convocation to be convened prior to the 65th Convention of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (2011) to adapt and recommend this addendum to the Formula of Concord for adoption by the Synod; and, be it finally... (read entire overture here)


At 6:18 AM, Blogger Teofilus said...

It seems an admirable goal they have here - to resolve the variant practices and arguments within our synod. However it will not work.
Even if one thinks that the meaning behind many of the major doctrines in our confession need clarification beyond what our confessions already say (which I do not believe is necessary) it is still the case that all such a document would achieve is new arguments.
Should this task be undertaken there will be those who will not like the finished product for a variety of reasons - some on one side of the "fence" and some on the other (assuming there are only two major positions to be taken).
Infighting and variant practices and doctrinal positions have been a part of the church for almost its entire existence. Even Rome in its early history when it would kill people for heresy and disobedience still could not get rid of all of the variant beliefs and doctrines within.
No matter if it is the church, a political party, some sort of social club, or even a family. Internal arguing and bickering is a reality which will not go away this side of Christ's return. It is just a fact of our sinful humanity. This resolution will not resolve anything.


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