Saturday, August 26, 2006

Board Members Withdraw Motion to Intervene

The following statement has been issued by the LCMS' Board of Directors:

Board Members Withdraw Motion to Intervene

In a spirit of Christian love, mutual repentance, and forgiveness and with concern for peace and unity in the Synod, the Board of Directors rejoices that the four members of the Board who filed the Motion to Intervene in the Anderson Lawsuit have agreed to withdraw their motion.

The Board will instruct its legal counsel to take all necessary steps to conclude this matter and to move forward with the Agreement to terminate the lawsuit approved by the Board at its meeting May 24.

We thank God for this action and pray for His blessings on these decisions.


Just a few days earlier, LCMS attorney Sherri Strand, wife of David Strand a longterm employee of the corporate synod, filed a motion to disqualify the attorney for the 4 board members from intervening. Strand was arguing that the 4 filing for the intervention are not parties to the suit inspite of being members of the LCMS Board of Directors.

The end result is that the legality of how the Synod conducts business will not be evaulated through this lawsuit. For many the question remains whether the LCMS is in compliance with the law under which it is incorporated regarding the conduct of its business affairs.


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