Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Minnesota South calls for change

From their convention reports:

A separate adopted resolution calls for Synod in convention to overrule a CCM opinion pertaining to the Synod president’s duty to “call up for review” the activities of officers, executives, and agencies of the Synod. The resolution quotes a Synod Bylaw specifying that the president shall “call up for review” within the administrative sphere of his powers and duties, not in the ecclesiastical sphere, any action which may be in violation of the Constitution, Bylaws and resolutions of the Synod.

Delegates also approved memorializing the Synod convention to overrule CCM opinion 02-2296 and 02-2309. Those opinions have to do with actions taken by a member of the Synod based on the full knowledge and approval of the member’s ecclesiastical supervisor.

Two adopted resolutions speak to worship in the Synod. One of those receives new worship material in the Synod’s Lutheran Service Book with“with thanksgiving” and calls for congregations to consider using the new resource and to participate in an introductory process that begins with workshops this fall.

The other resolution urges Minnesota South congregations to follow worship practices
in line with the Synod’s doctrine. It calls for the Synod president, Council of Presidents, colleges, universities and the LCMS Commission on Worship to explore ways for those with diverse viewpoints about worship to hold discussions “for the purpose of building greater understanding of our theology and worship.”


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