Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Withdrawal may be temporary

There are strong indications that the 4 board members decision to withdraw their motion to intervene may be temporary. The following was written by Rev. Edward Balfour according to Reclaim News regarding the issue. Rev. Balfour is one of the 4 board members who was requesting the court to rule on whether the CCM's limitations placed on the BOD are legal or not.

"Dear Brother,
The posting on the LCMS website of the dismissal of the intervention into the Andersen Lawsuit may mislead you. This is exactly where we intended to be at this juncture. Since this dismissal will be 'without prejudice' this enables a clean suit to be brought forward at any time. One problem exists:
we currently have a debt of $32,000 with the Bryan-Cave Law Offices. It is true that we (I) will not be able to continue unless this debt is paid and funds continue to come in. We appreciate your support and prayers, and in no way want you to think that we have deserted the cause. Please continue to pray for us and hold up the truth in Christian love.


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