Sunday, September 03, 2006

Lawsuit status

According to Rev. Balfour of the Board of Directors, the lawsuit is not rescinded but dismissed without prejudie meaning that it could be reinitatied after 30 days. According to posts on Lutherquest, Rev. Balfour has shared the following:

The legal action was not rescinded, but rather "dismissed without prejudice, " placing (the 4) us exactly where we intended to be (at this juncture) from the beginning of our intervention. There are now 30 days during which we will meet and talk with those who we believe to have violated the law and its spirit. What is now going on now not only gives hope, but will also reveal the Truth. Again, I tell you, "We have attained the position we sought." Please give the process a chance.

Rev Edward J. Balfour

The editor suspects the next major aspect we shall here will be a coordinated call from leadership of progressive political organizations in the LCMS such as Jesus First and Daystar for the resignation of the 4 BOD members who think this issue needs further discussion and resolution. Such a resignation would guarantee that the power and authority that has been assumed by the President and Commission on Constitutional Matters would continue unimpeded and without substantial debate.


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